I was raised in a large family with eight kids in the midwest.  Life in a rural town was practical, and processing your own meat was an extension into feeding a large group with higher quality ingredients.  It also allowed  us to cut the steaks thin enough to see through, but ensure everyone got their share.

Every generation our extended family sent someone to butcher class at the local vo-tech.  I was not chosen as the designee since I was destined to leave for warmer climates, but none the less I learned all of the stations.

My wife instilled a love of great food.  She is a wonderful cook and has nourished me into a full blown foodie and fooder (teacher of the foodie principles).  Her palate is bar none and plays prominently in the final seasoning mixtures used in our unique fresh sausage recipes.

I bring to you an heirloom approach to your meat.  I want you to know where a crown roast is located and how to cleave it from the side.  Your taste adjusts the final seasoning of the fresh sausage, and my 5 pound classes give you a practical approach to understanding how different flavors combine to create a sausage that is the pivotal point of sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and umame.  As a founder of the Cure Club, we share in the long progression from raw meat to really great “raw” meat, hung and aged to set such a natural flavor of meat that is rarely know.

Eat the tail.


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