Carne Knowledge - Eat the tail


Welcome to the website devoted to mastering the art of slaughtering and butchering high quality livestock.  We believe in superior meat which is never fed antibiotics or hormones and is pasture raised and finished.

We offer classes that help the homesteader master their craft.  Here you will learn the art of pasturing and humanely raising top-notch meat.  Your purchase of a live animal is the start of you training in efficient and sanitary processing of your homestead meat. 

On day one you will learn the intricacies of slaughter as we guide you in the humane aspects of killing and eviscerating your livestock. This unique experience allows you to fully utilize the animal from head to tail.  We believe an animal that sacrifices it’s life for our food deserves to be appreciated and not discarded as awful offal.

Day two of the classes starts you down the path to butchering your animal.  In this class you will actively dissect the animal into primal cuts.  How about a full leg for making prosciutto?  And what could beat cutting your own belly into a beautiful bacon or pancetta?

Part three breaks the animal into quality heirloom cuts of your choosing.  It’s your meat and it should be cut to your liking.  Want a frenched loin rack or crown roast?  How thick do you want your chops?  Do you want have a pastured boston butt to smoke for 14 hours to a delicate, wonderful Carolina style pulled pork?  mmm...  add a little jicama slaw and bogue sauce on a white bun and you’ll see the value in real farmers raising real meat.  Or skip the butt and picnic and move onto the fourth class offered.

In our fourth class installment you delve into turning you quality meat into a thing of great beauty and passion, fresh sausage.  Learn the techniques required to make high quality, flavorful sausage like none you have had before.   Your friends will be amazed at your production of the miracle that happens when you combine freshly ground meat, fat, and the bright  flavors of herbs and seasoning into a cased mortal vessel.

Add on classes are also available to take meat curing to it’s extreme.  Join our Curing Club to transform your meat into charcuterie including pancetta, prosciutto, salami, and smoked sausages.  Classes meet on a regular basis to check the maturation of drying and hanging meats.  Partake of the Pates And Terrines class as you transmute chicken livers into succulent bites of passion.  Or join the Garden Organic Group to meet, eat, and discuss a bounty from the earth.  These fresh vegetables and herbs are fundamental to our amazing fresh sausage recipes.

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